17 Bucket List Must-Do’s for New Yorkers in 2015

Who knows New York superior to anyone else? New Yorkers, obviously! We hit the lanes and asked you to let us know your most loved things to do in NYC, and let us know you did! You’ll discover the results, an incredible blend of the best New York eateries, clubs, shows, parks, bars and whatever else you could need to do here. If you need verification that NYC is the best city on the planet, this is it.

1. Go to Yankees Game at summer

It doesn’t matter if you hate games, but this must the first to happen.

2. Walk on the tombstones

Don’t be scared, it’s not morbid. Greenwood Cemetery, south of Prospect Park in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, used to compete with Niagara Falls as New York State’s most popular tourist draw in days of yore.

3. Dinner at the Tavern on the Garden

Enjoying a fine meal on the patio in the summer air with lights dangling above you? Gazing out at a snow-covered Central Park in the winter? Do both.
4. Ride a Horse at Jamaican Bay
This is very simple, learn to ride a horse. You should try it if you haven’t done it. You can also host parties at the Bay, board the kids for a summer camp, or just go horseback riding.

5. Visit Bargemusic at the foot of Brooklyn Bridge.

It’s a floating concert hall. The concept is that an audience listens to live Classical Music while floating on a barge.

6. Fly on the Trapeze
New York City has a trapeze school. Learn how to fly through the air, or if that is a lot for you, bob and bounce on the trampoline. You can learn other gymnastic and aerobatic skills also, and chances arrive something there you’ve always wanted to try.

7. Detoxify in Nature at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Presumably the most well-known attraction on this list, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden stays extremely under-evaluated. It’s important to New Yorkers encompassed by solid day in and day out to reconnect with the natural world, and the BBG can do that for you.

The beauteous bounties of the BBG incorporate a rose garden; a Japanese-inspired landscape; a pond loaded with turtles and fish agitating the water to be fed by you; and much more. It lies nearby Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Museum, a zoo, and components free affirmation on Tuesdays. There are no reasons not to visit.
8. Hang with History

The Morris-Hummel Mansion (MJM) was built in 1765 and has been visited by a cavalcade of who’s who in American history, not the least of whom was George Washington himself. It has been a museum since 1904 and has been visited by Queen Elizabeth II amongst countless others. It serves as a solid reminder of how deep New York’s history was.

9. Evening at the Met Opera House

If you have never had the pleasure of experiencing the grandiose majesty of Lincoln Square’s Metropolitan Opera House, you need to do so. Even if you aren’t a fan of opera, you will be deeply moved.

10. Skating at Rockefeller Center

You probably continue debilitating to do it, but still never have. So get over there and strap on a few skates, already. You can also find a digital marketing company near Rockefeller center as well.

11. Go to Coney Island

A day isn’t enough. Other than the entertainment mecca, the New York Aquarium is there, the Brooklyn Cyclones play there, and there’s a beach also. New York City can make you pass up a great opportunity for summer. Coney Island can bring it back.

12. Visit the Statue of the Lady Liberty and take a Selfie!

You can’t come up with excuses anymore, can you?

13. Try watching the Broadway Show

There’s a reason behind why Broadway shows are world renowned – they’re astounding! They’re likewise expensive and situated in the well known as Times Square, however, do you know what else Broadway Shows are? Totally worth it!

14. Shakespeare in the Park

It’s a soul changing experience you should do. There are tricks to get around sitting tight in line for quite an hour, regardless, that is a piece of the experience, and we should all do it at any rate once. In the end, it makes the show a great deal more fulfilling.

15. Tour at Grand Central Station

Do you even acknowledge how wonderful Grand Central is? The vast amount of secrets it holds? Take a tour of this architectural wonder, and see for yourself how amazing it is.

16. Sunset drinks with the Manhattan skyline

Find a nice rooftop in Brooklyn, have a picnic and a glass of wine as you gaze at the New York skyline as the sun sets. It’s a memory that will last your lifetime.

17. Go to the very top of the Empire State Building

Above the 102nd story, over the Observatory, there’s a 103rd story shut to people in public. It is a little room initially planned for landing onto carriers apparently intended to be tethered there, and it’s used mostly for maintenance now. Hardly anyone gets in there these days who isn’t rich or famous.

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